Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Tilting positions ears to better pinpoint location of sounds. Especially useful for faint or odd noises.

Capturing Sounds  

Angling head may help dogs better understand words and human vocal tones based on hearing perception.

Processing Words

Changes perspective to potentially identify objects in vision. Seeing from new angles can spark recognition.

Vision Enhancement   

Head cocking signals engagement and interest towards caregiver or intriguing stimulus capturing focus.

Showing Attention

Adjusting ear position assists conveying emotions like confusion, curiosity, affirmation back to caregiver.

Communication Aid

Inclining head to catch prey movements and sounds is deeply ingrained predatory behavior.  

Natural Instinct  

Herding breeds like Shepherds, Collies and Corgis display more head-tilting response due to selection.  

Breed Tendency

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