Cost of Owning a Dog

$500-2,000 initially for leashes, bowls, crates, toys, starter food, vet visit, spay/neuter, training.

Upfront Supplies 

$200-500 on average depending on dog size. Higher for large breeds. Buy quality to avoid health issues.

Yearly Food   

Annual vet visit around $200-400 for exam, vaccines. Issues like illness/injury extra at $300+ per visit.

Medical Bills  

$150-300 annually for bathing, haircuts, nail trims. More for high maintenance coats.

Grooming & Hygiene 

$300-600 per year for emergency accident/illness coverage. Worth it for peace of mind.

Pet Insurance  

$20-50 daily. $5-15 per walk. Trainers $50-150 per session. Adds up with frequent travel.  

Boarding & Daycare

Annual municipal/county license $10-20. Livestock taxes for some giant breeds.  

Licensing & Taxe

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