Top Dog Breeds for Country Living and Farms

Energetic herding breed. Excellent work ethic and very intelligent. Adapts well to farm living.

Australian Cattle Dog

Affectionate working breed that thrives in cold weather and open spaces. Gentle and eager to please.

Bernese Mountain Dog 

Friendly, resilient retrievers. Eager to join hunting, field work and all family activities.

Labrador Retriever  

Driven herding dogs that need space and a job. Alert watch dogs as well. Respond well to training.  

Border Collie

Athletic sporting dogs that require plenty of exercise. Excellent hunters, companions and guard dogs. 


Hardy hunting and guard dogs. Excellent protectors and field companions. Require secure fencing.

Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Smart ranch dogs that play and work hard. Affectionate family additions that enjoy open room to run.

Australian Shepherd

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