Munchkin Cat Breed Facts, Care, Controversy

Signature short legs caused by genetic mutation. Small-to-medium body size with long, flexible spine. 

Distinct Features  

Known for speedy movement and ability to keep up with active families. Love to play and explore. 

Speedy Nature

Requires weekly brushing of medium-long coat. Check ears and nails regularly. Minimal shedding.  

Grooming Tips

Prone to lordosis, arthritis and joint issues. Seek health screens from responsible breeders.

Health Concerns  

Provide ramps for furniture access. Stimulating toys & daily exercise recommended.   

Proper Care

Bred for dwarfism gene which raises ethical concerns over intentional mutations.

Controversial Breeding 

Ensure breeders screen for joint/spine issues & prioritize welfare over profits.

Finding Breeders

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