Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe on Summer Walks 

Walk early morning or evening when it’s cooler. Avoid midday heat. Plan short potty breaks if needed.


Bring water and collapsible bowls to offer frequent drinks. Watch for panting as a thirst sign.   


Don't walk dogs over 85°. Monitor with a pet thermometer if in doubt. Know signs of overheating.   


Hot asphalt, sand, and unshaded sidewalks risk burns. Carry dog, walk grassy routes, use booties or paw wax if needed.

Paw Protection  

Keep a leisurely pace. Be prepared to carry your dog partway if they struggle with speed or distance. Don't overexert.  

Slow Pace

Use cooling vests, splash pools, or chilled treats if extra cooling power is needed. Pack first aid essentials.

Gear Up 

If overheating risk seems high, opt for indoor play or mental stimulation instead to avoid heatstroke danger. 

Prevent Overheating   

Caring Tips for Your Aging Canine Companion