Caring Tips for Your Aging Canine Companion

Adjust their diet for digestive and dental issues. Softer foods, omega fatty acids, glucosamine, and lower calorie mixes help.  


Gentle walks and light play support joint health and circulation. Avoid overexertion and slips.


Take them in more often to monitor health issues. Update medications, tests, vaccines, dental cleanings, etc.

Vet Care  

Offer orthopedic beds, ramps, cushioned mats, slip-free floors, and accessible water/food bowls to aid declining mobility.


Help with grooming, nail trims, baths, and bathroom breaks as mobility decreases. Consider dog diapers.  


Massages, passive flexing/extending of limbs, and range of motion exercises keep their joints limber.


Reduce boredom and cognitive decline with chew toys, food puzzles, new sights/sounds/smells on gentle walks, and affection.

Mental Stimulation  

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