Tips for Safely Puppy-Proofing Your Home  

Use baby gates to restrict access to certain rooms and areas without constant supervision.  

Limit Access   

Keep out of reach or put away shoes, plants, electrical cords, small objects, toxic items that could be hazardous if chewed on or consumed.   

Remove Temptations  

Use covered, locking bins or place receptacles in dog-proof areas to prevent getting into and strewing garbage.  

Secure Trash  

Keep laundry, bathroom products, pantry foods, medications in cupboards or containers too tricky for pups to get into.   

Store Household Items 

Walk the entire outdoor space to ensure no tiny holes or gaps in fencing exists, fill divots pups could dig/escape from.   

Check the Yard  

Cover, elevate or secure low furniture to prevent slipping, hiding, and potty accidents.

Adjust Furnishings 

Provide plenty of tempting chew toys to divert from inappropriate items. Use bitter sprays as added deterrent. 

Offer Chew Toys

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