Tips for Safe Hiking Adventures With Your Dog

Opt for gentler terrain instead of steep or rocky paths to avoid injury. Research dog policies at parks/preserves beforehand.  

Pick Dog-Friendly Trails

Pack collapsible bowls, towel, first aid, extra leash, dog boots or wax for paw protection, cleanup bags.

Ready Supplies  

Condition your dog gradually with short hikes first. Don’t overtire puppies or seniors.

Ensure Proper Fitness

Bring ample water. Their thick fur hiking makes overheating likely. Know the signs.

Hydration is Key

High protein and nutrient snacks fuel energy. But limit to avoid bloat dangers.

Snacks for Energy   

Plan occasional shade breaks to prevent exhaustion and sore paw pads.

Rest Ofte

Choose well-fitted pack and harness to avoid chafing. clearly tag your dog’s collar.   

Use Proper Gear

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