Tips for Leash Training Your Dog

Use a fitted harness and strong 6 foot leash to start. Retractable leashes teach pulling habits.  

Proper Equipment 

Bring high-value treats. Reward all focus, loose leash walking, and attention checking in with you.

Reward Good Behavior

Pair "let's walk" with movement, "this way" with turns, and "good walk" with treats to reinforce habits.   

Use Verbal Cues  

If they start to pull, stop moving until the leash loosens again. Then praise and proceed.   

Stop When Needed

Aim for multiple short sessions per day vs. one long session to solidify training. End each on a good note.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once mastered indoors/backyard, add more challenging environments - front yard, quiet streets, parks.

Up the Distraction  

Some pups take weeks to learn leash skills solidly. Stick with positive methods and be consistent.

Be Patient

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