The Playful Savannah Cat 

Bred by crossing a male Serval with a Siamese female, then breeding offspring back to Servals or Bengals/Egyptian Maus.


Tall, long-legged, lanky build closer resembling wild cats than domestics. Spotted or marbled short coats. 

Size & Look

Highly intelligent, curious and active requiring extensive daily exercise and interactive play. Form close bonds with owners. 


Grooming requires weekly brushing, nail trimming and teeth brushing. Bathe only when dirty. Early spay/neuter mandatory. 


Due to hybrid status (SBT Savannahs exempt), ownership restricted in some areas. Purchase price starts around $2,000

Laws & Price

Not ideal pets for first-time owners or households with small kids. Require spacious homes with cat towers for climbing/perching

Responsible Ownership   

For experienced owners able to fulfill their needs, Savannahs promise gorgeous wildly adventurous companions blending exotic beauty with domestic tractability.

Exciting Yet Demanding

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