Bombay Cats Gleaming Mini-Panchos

An American breeder set out crossing Burmese with black American Shorthairs aiming to replicate a Burmese in miniature panther form. 


Feature jet black fur with patent leather shine lacking any rusty highlights or bands. Bright copper or gold eyes glow against their ebon coats.

Coat & Eyes 

Stocky muscular build with medium length torso and legs, round head and wide set ears. Ideal show size ranges females 6-10 lbs, males 8-15 lbs

Features & Size

Despite pantheresque mystique, Bombays boast affectionate loyal dog-like personalities relishing sitting in laps and playing fetch.


Grooming requires only weekly brushing and occasional bathing. Check ears for buildup. teeth for tartar and nails for trimming monthly.


With proper preventative care including annual vet checks, vaccines and high-quality diet relatively few hereditary issues.


For those seeking lustrous living décor that also offers unwavering devotion – the Bombay with its mini-panther allure 

Pet Panther  

The Adaptable American Shorthair