The Adaptable American Shorthair

Shorthairs accompanied early American settlers across the Atlantic. Allowed outdoors, their agility and hunting skill proved valuable.


Flaunt over 80 coat color/pattern varieties. Silver tabby most iconic, but come in solids like white, black, blue, red plus calico patterns.


Well-proportioned medium build with broad chest and muscular haunches. Round heads, short neck lending teddy bear-esque appeal. 


Their versatile balanced personality - playfully energetic yet gentle suits most families. Curl up happily beside busy owners then playfully romp during downtime.


Beyond combing fur weekly little grooming required. Check/clean ears monthly watching for mites/infection.


With attentive annual vet check-ups, high-quality diet, exercise via interactive playtime and proper preventatives can live 15+ years. 


For those seeking an energetic yet polite, intrepid hunter yet cuddly companion, the American Shorthair's versatile look

Winning Temperament

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