Sphynx Cats Bald & Beautiful

Hairlessness in cats traces back millennia but purposeful Sphinx breeding began recent decades through crossing hairless with shorthairs like Devons. 


Lack fur entirely or very fine downy covering. Wrinkled skin akin to shar-pei dogs. Prominent cheekbones, large ears.


Require weekly bathing to prevent oil and sweat buildup which can cause acne or infections. 


Despite alienesque appearance, Sphinx have affectionate dog-like personalities forming strong bonds with their people. Intelligent, playful and very social. 


Prone to periodontal disease - require tooth brushing and professional cleaning. Higher risk of skin issues. 


Best for dedicated indoor cat lovers able to provide attentive skincare and grooming. Not suited for homes where no one is home for long stretches. 


For those enthralled by their striking appearance and dog-like companionship, Sphinx cats promise enjoyable yet high maintenance friends for life.

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