Why Abyssinian Cats Have Tickled Fur

Abyssinians originated in Egypt rather than Ethiopia. Depictions of ticked tabby cats appear in ancient Egyptian artwork.


Their signature short, fine, glossy coat features bands of color reminiscent of wild rabbits and other animals


Lean, athletic build. Large, alert ears. Almond-shaped eyes that range from gold, green to amber. Thin dark "penciling" outlines their brows and eyes. 


While short, the Abyssinian's dense double coat requires weekly brushing and combing to reduce shedding and distribute skin oils.


Energetic yet gentle, the Aby adores climbing, perching up high, and playing games especially involving running and jumping. 


When properly cared for through diet, exercise, annual vet checkups, grooming and preventatives


For those seeking an exquisite showpiece cat with an athlete's body and a wildly adventuresome spirit - the Abyssinian's dramatic ticked 

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