Signs You're Not Ready for a Dog

Getting a dog on a whim seldom ends well. Careful consideration and planning is essential.

Impulsive Decision

From medical bills to food to daycare, dogs are costly. Financially instability means waiting.

Can’t Afford Expenses

Pets should be allowed where you live. Breed or size restrictions can also complicate things.  

Housed In No Pet Building 

Dogs require daily exercise, training and bonding. No time means they’ll develop problematic behaviors.

Long Work Hours

Frequent long trips away will stress a dog out. Better to bring one home when travel stabilizes.

Lots Of Travel Planned

Ending up with dog custody battles should you break up is unfair to the dog. Wait.

Relationship Uncertainty  

Getting another animal when existing ones have untrained behaviors or inadequacies is unwise.

Current Pets Struggling

First-Time Dog Owner Tips