First-Time Dog Owner Tips

Secure chemicals, hide wires, lock trash cans. Block off unsafe areas and kitty litter boxes.

Puppy Proof Home

Shop for food dishes, collar + leash, bed, crate, poop bags, brush, toys. Gather cleaning solutions.

Stock Up On Supplies 

Interview vets. Arrange first exam for shots + exam. Consider accident/illness coverage.

Vet And Pet Insurance

Consider activity level, size, shedding, and training difficulty when selecting a breed.

Decide On Breed Match

Budget for food, medical, grooming, supplies, boarding fees long-term. Account for emergencies.  

Calculate Costs

Fence, secure gates/latches, cover pools, wires & toxic plants. Ensure shed tools are inaccessible.  

Puppy Proof Yard

If away long hours, consider dog walker or sitter to cover potty and exercise needs.

Arrange Pet Care 

Finding the Best Dog Bed