Russian Blue The Green-Eyed Charmer

Russians trace ancestors to the Archangel Isles off northern Russia. Prized for their lavish coats


Adored for dense, soft silvery-blue double coats. Color results from silver-tipped guard hairs over bluish undercoats.


Medium-sized muscular bodies. Distinctive green eyes, ranging light to brilliant emerald. Elegant wedge-shaped heads. Blue paw pads.


Intelligent, gentle yet playful. Devoted and affectionate to their chosen person. Adaptable to new environments. 


Minimal grooming required beyond weekly combing. Use soft brush to distribute skin oils and reduce hairballs. 


Robust breed, yet still vulnerable to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and plaque/tartar buildup on teeth requiring diligent dental care.


For those seeking a devoted yet polite, neat and aesthetically gorgeous companion - the Russian Blue's shining coat

Loving Gentility

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