Ready Your Dog for Stress-Free Vet & Groomer Visits

Use high-value treats and happy praise to reward calm or tolerant behavior in exam room settings starting at a young puppy age.

Reward Good Behavior

Gently handle paws, ears, mouth opening etc. during home grooming or mini-exam times to build trust in human touch.  

Practice Handling

Let your dog inspect and be near common vet tools like thermometers or weight scales while enjoying treats so the items seem non-threatening.

Introduce Equipment  

Don't force interactions if your dog seems nervous. Allow them to warm up at their own pace when meeting new veterinary staff or groomers. 

Take It Slow

Bring along a favorite toy, blanket or even worn T-shirt with your scent to help relax your dog when visiting the vet or grooming salon.  

Use Familiar Items

Use adaptil collars, calming treats or sprays minimally 30 minutes before appointments to take the edge off.

Try Calming Aids

Set up short, structured visits allowing pets to explore vet/grooming centers without being handled to build confidence.

Supervised Time 

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