Top Dog Breeds for Freezing Climates

Bred to pull sleds for miles in frigid temps, the handsome Siberian Husky boasts a thick double coat built for icy conditions. 

Siberian Husky

This fluffy white breed sheds heavily but their lush fur keeps them cozy in low temps while their energy makes them ideal snow loving packs.


Hailing from Japan's cold mountainous areas, the large and loyal Akita has a weatherproof coat and can handle chilling precipitation with ease.


With its tri-colored luxurious furry coat, the Bernese Mountain Dog remains happiest when romping through winter wonderlands in minus degree weather.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This massive Tibetan breed sports a mane-like coat and weather-resistant undercoat allowing it to patrol snowy grounds without blinking at bitter winds or cold

Tibetan Mastiff

A well established cold weather canine, the Alaskan Malamute is an incredibly strong, resilient breed made for pulling sleds across frozen tundra.

Alaskan Malamute 

An alert and agile cold weather breed, the spitz-type American Eskimo Dog comes coated with a lush white double-layer fur ideal for icy weather romping.

Eskimo Dog

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