Is Dog Health Insurance Worth The Cost

Insurance can save thousands if your dog needs surgery, hospitalization or specialized treatments due to illness or injury.  

Unexpected Vet Bills

Most plans exclude pre-existing conditions so enroll while puppy is young and healthy for best coverage.

Pre-Existing Conditions   

Accidental injuries like broken bones, bites, or swallowing foreign objects are typically well covered.

Accident Protection

Conditions inherited genetically like hip dysplasia often aren't covered unless enrolled before diagnosis.

Hereditary Diseases   

Compare monthly premiums to likely vet costs for breed and locate affordable plans that make financial sense. 

Cost Evaluation   

Policies cap annual benefits so higher limits prevent out-of-pocket costs for extensive care.

Coverage Limits  

Understand reimbursement percentages, deductibles, co-pays, caps, claim processes to get the most from your policy.   

Reimbursement Rules  

Reasons for Yearly Dog Checkups With The Vet