Reasons for Yearly Dog Checkups With The Vet

Annual vet visits allow detection of common diseases like heart disease, diabetes & cancer in early treatable stages.

Detect Health Issues  

Core vaccines like rabies, distemper and parvo have yearly boosters to ensure your dog maintains immunity.

Update Vaccines

Vets provide preventative care like dental cleanings, deworming, heartworm tests and flea/tick medication.

Preventive Care

Vets assess behavioral changes annually that may indicate pain, illness or mental disorders needing treatment.

Monitor Behavior 

Vets evaluate diet yearly and offer feeding tips for weight control appropriate for your dog's needs and age.

Nutrition Planning  

Monitoring weight, height and body condition accurately tracks growth patterns annually.

Track Growth   

Exams determine if acivity level remains safe for joints/mobility to reduce risk of injury.

Safety Evaluation

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