Introducing Baby to Your Dog Safely  

Use recordings of baby sounds during your dog's normal routine. Reward calm responses with high-value treats months before due date.  

Prep Your Dog

Dog proof nursery space and tether dogs away from baby areas when unsupervised. Provide places baby can't access as dog retreats.  

Create Safe Zones

Have friends with infant dolls come over. Reward your dog for calm disinterest in wanting to jump, nudge or lick baby doll props.

Practice Ignoring

Set up adjustable gates to allow your dog their own areas away from the baby while also blocking access before kids become mobile.

Install Gates  

Use keywords like "off" or "settle" then treat for obedience ahead of time so cues reliably make your dog move back or relax when told.

Train for Cues  

Keep dogs leashed and focus their attention on you when first interacting with your newborn. Have high value treats on hand to continue capturing preferred behavior.

First Meetings 

Watch closely for any signs of anxiety or stress in dogs when baby cries or moves erratically so you can redirects your dog's attention to you for support. 

Be Observant

Ready Your Dog for Stress-Free Vet & Groomer Visits