How To Deal with Flea Infestations on Dogs

Look for fleas themselves or signs like itching, red skin, and flea dirt. Comb through fur to inspect closely.  

Check for Fleas  

Washing your dog with flea shampoo can help kill fleas and soothe skin irritated from bites.   

Bathe with Soap

Veterinarian-recommended oral and topical flea & tick preventatives stop infestations and kill existing fleas.

Apply Flea Meds   

Flea foggers and sprays effectively clear your house of flea eggs and larvae to stop the cycle.  

Fog Your Home

Hot water laundry and drying on high heat will remove fleas and eggs hiding in your dog's bedding.

Wash Bedding

Using your vacuum liberally on floors, furniture, and pet areas removes flea life stages that spread infestations. 

Vacuum Vigilantly 

Outdoor foggers, sprays, or professional exterminator treatments may be needed for heavy yard flea populations.   

Treat Yard Spaces

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