How Cold Outside Is Unsafe for Your Dog

Temperatures below 45°F can start being too cold for some dogs. Pay attention once it nears freezing at 32°F.  

Know the Limits

Shivering, whining, seeking warmth, lifted paws, and unusual behavior may indicate your dog is too cold.

Watch for Signs 

Take potty breaks and walks brief when very cold out. Prolonged exposure increases risk.

Limit Time Outside

Sweaters, coats, and booties can all help keep your dog warm in frigid temps.

Bundle Them Up

Ensure your dog has a draft-free space indoors to relax and sleep during winter. Supply cozy bedding.

Give Warm Shelter 

If you suspect hypothermia or frostbite, contact your vet immediately. These require prompt treatment.

 When to Call the Vet

When in doubt about the cold, opt to keep your dog inside. Their safety comes first.

Play It Safe

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