Fluffy Chow Chow Dog Breed Facts

With a dense double coat, Chow Chows require frequent brushing and grooming to prevent tangles and properly manage shedding of their luscious fur.

Fluffy Fur  

A unique trait, Chow Chows and Chinese Shar-Pei dogs share signature blue-black tongues setting them apart from other breeds.

Blue Tongues

Around their neck and chest, Chow Chows sport a distinctive fluffy mane resembling lions giving them almost a regal appearance. 

Lion's Mane

Between their golden fur and stuffed animal-esque faces, Chow Chows often possess an adorable yet grumbling bear-like appeal.  


Believed one of the oldest dog breeds in world, Chow Chows originated over 2000 years ago as all-purpose working dogs in China.  

Ancient Breed   

While devoted, Chow Chows tend toward more aloofness preferring to be in same room as their owners rather than on laps seeking cuddles.


Chow Chows develop remarkably thick coats in winter, then shed profusely in spring, sometimes needing assistance removing dead undercoat.  

Seasonal Coats 

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