Most Gorgeous and Stunning Cat Breeds 

With their sweet babydoll faces peering through long plush fur, Persians rank among the most beautiful cats breeds worldwide. Yet coat care is intensive.  


Named for their raccoon-like tails and ears, Maine Coons are America's native longhair. Their shaggy coats, ear tufts

Maine Coon

Boasting captivating blue eyes and point coloration on soft semi-long fur, gentle Ragdolls live up to their name by going limp when cuddled.


Possessing legendary thick, dense and water resistant fur to withstand cold winters, Norwegian Forest Cats have beautiful flowing plumed tails.  


Recognized for their sapphire eyes dramatically contrasted against darker face points, Siamese ooze an elegant beauty from their sleek shorthair coats.  


Resembling miniature cougars, Abyssinians display beautifully ticked fur with contrasting spine lines and expressively large ears. 


Bengals draw eyes with their exotic leopard-like spotted or marbled coats in vibrant contrasting colors like aquamarine or gold.


Most Costly Pedigreed Cat Breeds Worldwide