Fascinating Border Collie Facts

Border Collies top canine intelligence rankings, understanding new commands with fewer than 5 repetitions on average.

Smartest Breed

A Border Collie named Chaser learned over 1,000 nouns identifying objects making her the dog with the largest vocabulary in the world.   

Fast Learners

With immense stamina, Border Collies excel at intense sports and hold world records in dog specific athletic competitions like dock diving distances.


Border Collies finesse exceptional livestock herding traits including an intense stare to control sheep and cattle movements.   

World Class Herders

Requiring over 2 hours a day of hard exercise and mental stimulation, Border Collies thrive best with active owners and jobs to do.

High Energy Needs

Their high working drive and intelligence cause issues with destructive behaviors unless their agile brains stay continually challenged.

Problem Solvers

Their obsessive herding instincts frequently compel them to relentlessly nip at the heels of anything that moves including kids on bikes. 

Compulsive Chasers 

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