Encouraging Interactive Play In Dogs 

Kickstart interest by smearing toys with peanut butter or stuffing small treats inside to associate with positive rewards.

Food Motivation 

Appeal to dog's senses by providing rubber, plush, rope and squeaky toys with surfaces to grip, carry and tug.   

Try Different Textures  

Throwing balls or discs triggers natural prey drive in most dogs — use different types and reward retrieval.  

Play Fetc

Move toys yourself in an engaging way to mimic prey to get your a dog's attention focused for interactive play.

Initiate Games   

Rotating novel toys keeps things interesting when you can supervise but not actively play too.

Allow Solo Play  

Schedule specific toy play sessions daily strengthening the importance of appropriate toy habits.  

Set Aside Special Time 

Reward training, commands or tricks with short interactive toy play reinforcing wanted behavior.  

Use As Training Rewards   

Training A Dog Not To Dig