Training A Dog Not To Dig  

Ensure your dog gets adequate outdoor time and play to satisfy natural instincts before being left in the yard.  

More Exercise   

Fence or block access to areas you want to protect using chicken wire sunk at the base of fences or pavers to discourage digging.

Dog-Proof Barriers

Identifying triggers like specific locations, boredom, prey drive or comfort digging helps customize prevention approaches.  

Watch for Cues  

Bury citrus peels, place rocks or lay chicken wire over areas dug previously to make unappealing.  

Use Aversives  

Designate a digging pit filled with loose soil or hide toys to encourage appropriate scratching.   

Provide Alternatives

Prevent boredom with food puzzles, chew toys like Kongs stuffed with treats and training games to exercise the mind.

More Mental Stimulation

Only leave dogs unattended in yards for short durations to minimize stress behaviors. Create a safe indoor area too.   

Avoid Isolation  

Calming a Stressed or Scared Dog