Dog Breeds That Grow the Biggest

Among biggest breeds, Mastiffs can reach up to 230 pounds! Though gigantic, they’re calm good-natured dogs. 


With some males exceeding 200 pounds, Great Danes often believe they’re lap dogs! They need extensive training

Great Dane

Iconic gentle giants, St. Bernards may grow to 180 pounds or more! They drool excessively and require heavier grooming needs as they mature.

St. Bernard  

Newfoundlands are legendary water rescue dogs. Weighing around 150 pounds full grown, their web feet and strength aid swimming in icy waters


Used as guardian livestock dogs because of large size, Great Pyrenees adults average 100-160 pounds. 

Great Pyrenees 

One of tallest breeds often standing over 30 inches at shoulder, Irish Wolfhounds generally range 120-180 pounds fully matured at around 2 years old.

Irish Wolfhound

To fuel giant breed growth properly, higher calorie diets become essential yet pricier. for first few years until they finish maturing.

Food Costs  

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