Captivating German Shepherd Facts

Genetic testing proved German Shepherds share close common ancestry to wolves which gives them pack animal instincts.  

Wolf DNA 

With a bite pressure over 1,200 psi, German Shepherds have one of the strongest bite forces of all dog breeds.   

Powerful Bite

Despite the name, early breed development actually started in Europe by a German cavalry officer who focused on intelligence and utility.


German Shepherds star in the K-9 police dog movie and TV franchises as well as the fictional hero dog character Rin Tin Tin.  

Famous Actors

Their trainability, protectiveness and loyalty makes German Shepherds excellent assistance animals, commonly chosen to serve as seeing eye guide dogs for the blind.

Guide Dogs

While not as common, German Shepherds sometimes sport a striking sable colored coat thanks to a recessive gene vs the signature black and tan

Sable Coat

As German Shepherd puppies grow, their ears can take up to 6 months to fully stand upright though taping techniques may assist the process.  

Big Ears   

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