America's Favorite Dog Breeds

Friendly, active and eager to please. Labs make wonderful family companions and service dogs. America's number one pup!

Labrador Retriever  

Confident, smart and hardworking. German Shepherds are popular choices as police, military and disability assistance dogs.

German Shepherd  

Affectionate, exuberant and trainable. Goldens are outgoing guide and therapy dogs, and adored family pets. 

Golden Retriever

Charming "Frenchie" clowns are playful apartment dwellers and Low maintenance companions gaining popularity.

French Bulldog   

Calm, courageous and dignified, Bulldogs love relaxing on the couch and being close to their special people.  


Curious, happy and energetic Beagles with a keen sense of smell are favored as detection dogs.


Eager to please Poodles are super smart stars known for their hypoallergenic coats and versatility.


Top Low Maintenance Dog Breeds