Top Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Small, cheerful and endearing. Bichons need minimal grooming and exercise. Perfect companions for gentle interaction

Bichon Frise

Playful with moderate exercise needs. Low-shedding Frenchies require occasional grooming and thrive on quality couch time. 

French Bulldog

Gentle, mild-mannered racers transition well indoors. Retired Greyhounds sleep most days away after short daily walks.


Sweet-natured and affectionate. Shih Tzus demand little exercise and their long flowing coats just need weekly brushing.

Shih Tzu

Charming and loving couch potatoes. Pugs need some daily play and interaction plus occasional baths and nail trims.


Delightful and eager to please. Cavaliers enjoy short walks and quality time curling up with their adored people.  

Cavalier KCS   

Lively companions needing brief exercise. Their slick short coats require minimal grooming to stay dapper.  

Boston Terrier

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