Top 5 Most Underrated Sport Sedans Of The 2000s

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The automotive landscape of the 2000s was a breeding ground for innovation and performance. While some sport sedans gained widespread acclaim, others quietly delivered exhilarating driving experiences without receiving the recognition they deserved.

In this journey down memory lane, we uncover the 5 most underrated sport sedans of the 2000s that captivated enthusiasts but often flew under the radar.


In the realm of sport sedans, the Mazdaspeed6 remains a hidden gem from the 2000s. This unassuming four-door sedan concealed a potent turbocharged engine beneath its modest exterior.

With all-wheel drive providing exceptional traction, the Mazdaspeed6 offered a thrilling driving experience that could rival its more celebrated competitors. Its sleeper status and dynamic performance make it a standout underrated choice from the era.

Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan

The Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan blended elegance with a punch of power, making it a true unsung hero of the 2000s. Boasting a robust V6 engine and rear-wheel-drive architecture, the G35 delivered a sophisticated yet exhilarating ride.

Its sleek design, refined interior, and dynamic performance set it apart, proving that luxury and sportiness could coexist seamlessly in a single package.

Volvo S60 R

While Volvo is often associated with safety and reliability, the S60 R took a different path by embracing high-performance aspirations. This sport sedan, featuring a turbocharged inline-five engine and all-wheel drive, brought Scandinavian flair to the performance segment.

With its unique design, advanced safety features, and spirited driving dynamics, the Volvo S60 R deserves a spotlight among the underrated heroes of the 2000s.

Acura TL Type-S

The Acura TL Type-S was a precision-engineered sport sedan that often lived in the shadows of its competitors. Beneath its understated exterior, the TL Type-S housed a robust V6 engine that delivered a perfect blend of power and refinement.

With responsive handling and a well-appointed interior, this Acura model offered a driving experience that enthusiasts appreciated but the mainstream often overlooked.

Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT

Subaru, known for its rally heritage, brought a dose of that rally-inspired fun to the sedan segment with the Legacy 2.5 GT. This underrated gem packed a turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, and a sport-tuned suspension, delivering a spirited driving experience.

Despite its performance capabilities, the Legacy 2.5 GT remained a sleeper, making it a distinctive and underrated choice for those in the know.


As we reflect on the sport sedans of the 2000s, it’s evident that greatness often hides in the shadows. The Mazdaspeed6, Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan, Volvo S60 R, Acura TL Type-S, and Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT represent the unsung heroes of their time, offering enthusiasts a unique blend of performance, style, and driving pleasure.

While these models may not have stolen the headlines, they’ve certainly etched a place in the hearts of those who appreciate the art of driving.


What makes the Mazdaspeed6 an underrated sport sedan?

The Mazdaspeed6 is underrated due to its unassuming exterior, but it hides a potent turbocharged engine and all-wheel-drive, delivering a thrilling driving experience.

Why is the Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan considered underrated?

The Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan seamlessly blends elegance with power, featuring a V6 engine and rear-wheel-drive for a sophisticated yet exhilarating ride.

What sets the Volvo S60 R apart as an underrated choice?

The Volvo S60 R stands out for bringing Scandinavian flair to the performance segment, combining a turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, and advanced safety features.

Why is the Acura TL Type-S considered a precision performance sedan?

The Acura TL Type-S is praised for its precision-engineered performance, featuring a robust V6 engine, responsive handling, and a well-appointed interior.

What makes the Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT an underrated gem?

The Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT brings rally-inspired fun to the sedan segment, featuring a turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, and a sport-tuned suspension for a spirited driving experience.

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