What's the Average Monthly Cost of Pet Insurance

Dogs cost more than cats to insure on average. Wellness plans are cheapest starting under $20/month.

Coverage Differences 

Some breeds are predisposed to medical conditions that make insurance cost more due to higher risk. Purebreds also tend to cost more.  

Breed Factors

Older pets have higher monthly premiums on new policies due to increased illness risks. Enroll puppies early on for lowest rates.  

Age Impacts Price

Average regional veterinary healthcare and cost of living differences alter policy rates by state. Coastal states are often most costly.

Location Variances   

Max benefit allowances, reimbursement rates, and annual limits affect monthly pricing. More coverage = higher premiums.  

Coverage Level Chosen

Choose a higher yearly deductible like $500 or $1,000 to reduce monthly costs if you have savings to pay expenses until reaching deductible cap.

Annual Deductibles   

For one dog expect to invest around $30-60 per month. Get customized quotes from multiple providers.

Conservative Estimate  

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