What is the Average Dog's Lifespan

On average small dogs live longer than large dogs. Genetics significantly influence length of life.  

Size Matters

Many tiny dogs live 14-16 years. The longest living dog was a toy poodle who reached 20 years old.  

Small Breeds 

Dogs 20-50 lbs often reach 12-15 years old, like beagles, American Eskimo dogs, and cairn terriers.  

Medium Breeds

Big dogs over 90 lbs average 7-10 years depending on breed, such as labs or mastiffs.   

Large Breeds  

Neutering/spaying, healthy weight, exercise, genetics, and veterinary care promote longevity.  

Influencing Factors 

Use age conversion calculators to compare dog years vs human years based on breed size averages.  

Calculate Their Age   

Some exceptional dogs defy size odds and live over 20 years with great veterinary and home care.   

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