Turkish Angoras Ancient White Puffs

Angoras hail among the first cat breeds, originating from Ankara region of Turkey. Prized for silky coats, they were exported across Europe by 1600s.


Medium-long all-white coat spared pigment that would ruin purity. Silky texture hides light seasonal undercoat. 

Coat & Eyes  

Fine-boned bodies yet surprisingly athletic with muscular shoulders and haunches. Longer rear legs accentuate graceful stride.


Intelligent, curious and playful. Devotedly attached to their special person yet welcoming with polite strangers


Beyond combing lightly weekly, require minimal grooming. Check/clean ears and trim nails monthly. 


No inherent breed disorders but cardiac, hepatic, dental issues can arise with neglect. Average 13-18 years via responsible nutrition

Health & Lifespan

For those wanting a bright white puffball bursting with lively personality to entertain and snuggle beside for over a decade

Ageless Appeal

The Playful Savannah Cat