Top Tiny Toy Dogs

Weighing 4-6 pounds,Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed. They have large personalities but require gentle handing 


Yorkies average 7 pounds fully grown. Their long silky coats require significant grooming to prevent painful mats. Sturdy but small

Yorkshire Terrier

Fluffy and foxy-faced Pomeranians weigh just 3-7 pounds. They have vivacious personalities but as miniature dogs


With comical squished faces and stocky bodies, Pugs weigh up to 18 pounds. As brachycephalic breeds, they require air conditioned housing


Weighing 5-10 pounds, graceful Papillons have fringed upright ears lending them a butterfly-like look. 


Friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniels weigh 13-18 pounds. Serious health issues like mitral valve

Cavalier K.C Spaniel 

Long and low Dachshunds under 11 pounds have big personalities. Due to risk for back injuries

Mini Dachshund

Owning Giant Dog Breeds