Top Dog Breeds for Protection

With police work in their blood, German Shepherds are confident protectors known for courage and intelligence. 

German Shepherds

Rottweilers have muscular bodies primed for defense. Though imposing, they are also affectionate and become fierce, loyal companions to their families.


Doberman Pinschers are extremely loyal and will put themselves in harm's way when defending their family from a threat. 


The Mastiff's sheer size alone intimidates intruders. But this gentle giant also has a natural protective streak when it comes to their household.


Akitas are independent and won't always dote on their owners, but they form a strong bond and will protect their family at all costs


Boxers are upbeat companions that thrive on human interaction, but their energetic nature helps them excell as watchdogs who sound the alarm when needed.


While protecting homes and families comes naturally to these dog breeds, proper training and socialization ensures dogs know when to act as guardians.


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