Top Breeds for Indoor Cats

Active, playful and people-focused, Siamese thrive with cat trees, interactive play and quality time with their special humans inside home environments.  


Given proper exercise and affection, gentle and sweet-natured Ragdolls flourish when kept safely as indoor only cats. 


Persians enjoy lounging and napping in sunny windows when kept indoors. Their coat requires too much upkeep for being outside.  


Energetic yet gentle, Abyssinians need interactive play outlets like tall cat trees, hiding boxes and active games to stay entertained indoors.


Scottish Fold's sweet personalities adapt well to being active house cats. Their folded ears require monitoring for health issues though.  

Scottish Fold

Sphynx love snuggling under blankets with their humans. Keeping them inside protects their delicate nearly hairless skin from sunburns or cold exposure.


Intelligent and active Bengals need cat trees and interactive play to thrive indoors where their exotic appearance remains safely admired.


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