Top 7 Tips for Potty Pad Training Your Puppy

Master the basics of potty pad training. Introduce your puppy to the designated area, creating a positive association with the pads.


Consistency is crucial. Stick to a routine for potty breaks, reinforcing the use of pads and minimizing accidents in other areas.


Embrace positive reinforcement. Praise and reward your puppy when they use the potty pads correctly, encouraging a repeat of the behavior.

Positive Reinforcement

Handle accidents with patience. Avoid scolding and clean up messes promptly. This maintains a positive environment for your puppy's learning.

Accident Handling

Gradually transition to outdoor potty training. Expand your puppy's options while maintaining the use of pads, easing the shift.

Transitioning Outside

Help your puppy adapt to different pads. Introduce variations in texture and size, preparing them for situations where specific pads may not be available.


Celebrate successes. When your puppy consistently uses potty pads, acknowledge their achievement with treats and praise, reinforcing positive behavior.

Success Celebration

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