Top 7 Tips for Leash Training Your Puppy

Begin leash training early to instill good habits. A positive introduction sets the foundation for enjoyable walks with your puppy.


Use positive reinforcement. Reward your puppy for walking nicely on the leash, reinforcing the desired behavior with treats and praise.

Positive Reinforcement

Keep training sessions short. Puppies have shorter attention spans, so brief, focused sessions are more effective in building their leash skills.

Short Sessions

Provide consistent direction. Encourage your puppy to walk beside you, reinforcing the concept of walking on the leash without pulling.

Consistent Direction

Be patient and encouraging. Puppies may initially resist the leash, so offer reassurance and rewards to create a positive association.

Patience and Encouragement

Allow exploration breaks. Let your puppy sniff and explore during walks, balancing training with opportunities for them to enjoy their surroundings.

Exploration Time

Introduce gradual challenges. As your puppy progresses, add distractions and increase the complexity of your walks, reinforcing their leash training skills.

Gradual Challenges

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