Top 7 Submissive Dog Behaviors

Dogs often use this gesture to express deference, acknowledging your leadership. Recognizing paw lifting fosters a positive and respectful interaction.

Paw Lifting

This behavior communicates respect and a lack of challenge. This subtle cue enhances communication and reinforces trust between you and your dog.

Avoiding Eye Contact

This action invites trust and demonstrates your dog's confidence in your non-threatening demeanor. It's a sign of peace and submission.

Rolling Over

Dogs lower their tails to avoid confrontation, signaling their willingness to yield. Recognizing this behavior helps create a stress-free environment for your canine companion.

Tucking Tail

Crouching is a submissive posture dogs adopt to convey subordination. This behavior allows you to respond appropriately, fostering a sense of security and trust in your dog.


The world of canine communication as we delve into the top submissive behaviors displayed by dogs.

Ears Back

Nudging with the snout is a gentle submissive behavior. Dogs may do this to seek attention, express friendliness, or convey subordination. 

Snout Nudging

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