Top 7 Norway's Canine Companions

Norwegian Elkhound is a majestic spitz-type dog known for its unwavering loyalty, keen hunting instincts, and thick, weather-resistant coat.

Norwegian Elkhound

These agile and intelligent canines excel at guarding livestock, herding sheep, and assisting with various farm tasks. 


Dunker is a scenthound renowned for its exceptional sense of smell and tireless pursuit of quarry. 


These agile canines possess six toes on each foot, enabling them to climb treacherous terrain with remarkable ease. 


The Norwegian Hound, a scenthound with a distinctive baying vocalization, is an integral part of Norway's hunting heritage.

Norwegian Hound

The Hamiltonstövare, a versatile scenthound with exceptional versatility, is known for its adaptability and eagerness to explore.


Norway's exceptional dog breeds embody the country's rugged beauty, resilient spirit, and deep connection to nature.

Norwegian dog

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