Top 7 Dog Breeds Perfect for Runners

The Border Collie is full of energy and stamina, making it an ideal running companion. Their intelligence also makes them easy to train to run with you.  

Border Collie

With great endurance and an energetic nature, the Vizsla excels at long runs and high intensity interval training. 


Bred for endurance, German Shorthaired Pointers easily keep pace, with a high drive to run by your side for miles.

German Shorthaired Pointer  

Known for trotting long distances, Dalmatians are athletic and eager running partners. Their iconic spots will turn heads on the trail.  


Weimaraners have exceptional stamina and speed, capable of sprint intervals or steady state cardio for marathon training.


Originally bred to run long distances, Rhodesian Ridgebacks have the stamina and pace to challenge any runner.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Small but energetic, Jack Russell Terriers can log plenty of miles on the run with their athleticism and endurance.  

Jack Russell Terrier  

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