Tips for Treating Obesity in Labrador Retrievers  

Have your Lab evaluated to rule out medical conditions before starting a tailored weight loss plan.  

Vet Consultation

Follow prescribed amounts based on weight, activity level and caloric needs instead of free-feeding.  

Measure Food  

Make sure your Lab gets enough low impact activity and mental stimulation to aid fat burning.  

Exercise Needs

Use treats wisely for training, opting for kibble or low calorie options to prevent overindulgence.  

Rewards & Chews   

Weigh regularly at vet visits to monitor progress and refine your Lab's diet and fitness plans.

Routine Visits

Engage overweight Labs with joint-friendly swimming and fetch sessions to build muscle and burn extra calories. 

Swimming & Fetch  

Switch to a vet recommended weight control formula dog food made for overweight dogs.  

Weight Management Food

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