The Most Popular Cat Breeds Globally

Originating in Thailand, the Siamese cat is among the first Asian breeds to arrive in the West. Known for their tan fur and striking blue eyes


The Persian, with its beautiful long fur coat and smooshed face is likely the most recognizable cat breed. 


The Ragdoll gets its name from its tendency to go limp like a ragdoll when picked up. One of the largest domestic cat breeds


Known as the gentle giant of the cat world for its large size and friendly persona, the Maine Coon adapted to harsh Northeast American winters. 

Maine Coon

Bengal cats resemble miniature leopards with their large stature, vividly spotted or marbled coats and muscular builds.


Cheeks as round as roses and eyes like sparkling gold coins distinguish the British Shorthair. Their plushy fur comes in myriad colors and patterns.

British Shorthair

Many other popular pedigrees exist like the social Russian Blue, vocal Siamese and energetic Abyssinian. 


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