The Most Lovable Dog Breeds

Few can resist a Golden Retriever's sweet face and joy of snuggling their special people.  

Golden Retriever  

Labs emit infectious enthusiasm and crave physical closeness with beloved family members.  

Labrador Retriever 

Havanese thrive on closely bonding and generously doling out kisses and cuddles to their doting owners.   


Cherished for their devotion and affection, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels enjoy peacefully snoozing on laps.

Cavalier KCS  

Comical and constantly up for snuggling, Pugs delight in showering their families with sloppy affection.  


Despite tough looks, English Bulldogs have huge hearts and adore cozying up with their top humans.

English Bulldog 

Friendly Irish Setters think they're lapdogs, loving to roll over for belly rubs from adored owners.  

Irish Setter  

The Most Loyal Dog Breeds