Stop Your Cat From Rejecting a New Kitten

Prepare your existing cat for the new arrival by creating a separate space for the kitten, gradually introducing scents, and offering positive associations with the newcomer.


A gradual introduction is the one-word strategy. Allow the cats to sniff each other under a closed door, gradually increasing supervised face-to-face interactions. 

Gradual Introduction

Reward both cats for calm behavior during interactions. Use treats, praise, and play to associate positive experiences with each other.

Positive Reinforcement

Provide separate safe spaces for each cat to retreat to when needed. This ensures they have their territory and reduces stress during the adjustment period.

Safe Spaces

Common resources are the one-word solution. Ensure there are ample shared resources such as litter boxes, food bowls, and comfortable resting spots.

Common Resources

Supervised play is the one-word recommendation. Facilitate supervised play sessions, allowing the cats to engage in interactive activities together.

Supervised Play

Patience is the one-word virtue. Building a strong bond takes time. Be patient, observe their behaviors, and intervene only if necessary.


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