Simple Guide to Teach Your Dog to Swim

Introduce vest-style floatation devices first during shallow wading sessions to reduce panic and give dogs buoyancy assurance.   

Use Life Jackets 

Toss colorful toys or treats into shallow areas encouraging dogs to venture in as they chase irresistible objects.  

Make It Fun 

Have someone your pup trusts stand in water they can touch bottom in while coaxing your dog in for security and praise.  

Provide Support   

End on a good note after just a few minutes of success. Trying too long may overwhelm novice swimming pup students.  

Limit Sessions

Use pools or docks with graded entry areas dogs can walk out on their own from if they feel insecure.  

Practice Near Steps 

Give excited encouragement and treats for any attempt to voluntarily move through water building drive to try more.

Reward Efforts

Gradually encourage longer distances and moves between retrievals but allow tired pups an easy exit option.   

Add Distance  

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